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Starting Your Project:

How do I pick my stone?

A: We stock many stone options in our warehouse so we generally suggest scheduling a visit to our warehouse first. During your visit, make sure to bring any tile or paint samples you may have. If we don’t have what you are looking for, let us do the leg work! We can use inspiration photos you provide and shop them to local suppliers.

What is the square foot price?

We provide one price for the entire project which will include material cost & labor. This price will incorporate all the specific details requested for the job.

How do I determine my fireplace design?

Take a look at our completed custom fireplace photos in Our Services (put link to those photos here). Find some inspiration photos and then schedule an appointment with our design team.

What edge profiles do you offer?

Click Here to see a drawing of our most common edge profiles but not limited to.

Can I use marble in my kitchen?

Yes but marble will etch due to acidic items. This will provide a patina look overtime. We strongly suggest a honed finish for any marble installed in rooms that may encounter acidic items. The honed finish will hide the etching process but does not stop it.

FAQs 2


What is your turnaround time for fabrication?

We will be working towards a two week turnaround time frame once the deposit is received and all drawings/ change orders/layouts have been approved after measurement. Please note that any projects with specialty edges or stone sinks will require more fabrication time

How long does it take to get my countertops measured?

Our standard time for measurement is one week from the time of your call to schedule.

What do I need prior to scheduling a measurement?

We will need a signed contract, all cabinets installed and all sinks onsite.

My stone needs to be repaired (example- staining, refinishing, chipping, etc). How do I schedule this repair?

Email photos of the stone to quotes@rbratti.com. Make sure to include your address and contact information. We will schedule a visit to your home to inspect the repair work that needs to be done and then we will provide a quote. Once the quote is signed and the deposit is paid, we can schedule your repair work to be completed. 

FAQs 3

Care & Maintenance After Installation

How do I clean my countertops?
Most stones can be cleaned using a few drops of mild soap and water followed by a soft cloth to dry your tops. Do not use citrus cleaners or ammonia as these will etch your stone, especially marble or limestone.
Can stains be removed from stone?
Yes, we have great success in removing stains. It is always best to know what caused the stain to provide the best results. To schedule this repair, please email photos to quotes@rbratti.com. The best way to avoid stains is to clean up any spills as soon as possible with mild soap and water; do not use abrasive cleaners. If a stubborn spot persists, try using a little soft scrub.
Is my stone sealed?

Yes, we seal natural stones with a silicon-based sealer. This type of sealer is an impregnator, so it absorbs in the stone but does not affect the look. This will help to prevent stains but is not a 100% guarantee and does not help with etching. Some stones (like Soapstone), do not absorb anything so we will use mineral oil instead of a sealer.

When do I need to reseal my stone?

The best way to test if your sealer is still working is to put a few drops of water on your stone. If it beads up, the sealer is still active. If it does not, you need to reseal. This is not based off a period of time but based off usage on the stone. We can provide a service to clean and reseal your countertops for a small fee. If you plan to reseal your counters by yourself, you are more than welcome to come our warehouse with a small empty bottle and we will provide some sealer for you to use.

How long does it take to get my countertops measured?

Our standard time for measurement is one week from the time of your call to schedule.

Can I put hot items directly on my stone?

No, we do not suggest putting any hot items on your stone, even quartz. Ask your sales team about using your sink cutout as a trivet or cutting board instead!