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Below we have some of the options featured in our diverse catalog of stones to choose from, harvested with the help of our local suppliers. Find the one that speaks to you, and we can craft it into the perfect set-piece for your home or business. If you don’t see your dream stone here, don’t fret! Your choice is not limited to what is shown below; these are just the styles we like to keep in stock.

Marble - Italy

Calacatta Gold

Stone Overview 1
An elegant Italian marble with defined gold and gray veining. While this stone may take some extra care at home, the beauty makes it well worth it.

Granite - Virginia

Jet Mist/Virginia Mist

Stone Overview 2
This hometown granite is quarried in Rapidan, Virginia. It is a black granite with wispy white veining creating consistency and uniqueness at the same time.

Limestone - Turkey

Champagne Limestone

Stone Overview 3
Champagne Limestone is a soft, light ivory color with unique fossilized characteristics. Its color is consistent throughout the slab with no veining.

Quartzite - Brazil


Stone Overview 4
This eye-catching, exotic quartzite provides a deep emerald and jade color tone with strikes of white and gold veining. The depth of this stone is like no other. Because of its beauty, it has moved to the top of our best sellers list, making it our newest stock item.

Travertine - italy

Silver Travertine

Stone Overview 5
Silver Travertine combines classic with contemporary with warm and silver linear veining. Travertine and Limestones may be too porous for the kitchen but work perfectly for other rooms like a bathroom or walls.

Marble - Namibia, Africa

Mystery White/ Bianco Rhino

Stone Overview 6
This beautiful marble is known by a few names such as Mystery White or Bianco Rhino. This white stone provides elegance to a room without breaking the bank.

Onyx - Turkey

Honey Onyx

Stone Overview 7
Onyx is a memorizing stone that is slightly translucent when put in front of light. Honey Onyx is a warm honey-colored magical stone; with hints of cream, white & amber.

Marble - Italy

White Carrara

Stone Overview 8
Timeless marble, quarried out of Italy, dates back to the Roman times. Carrara consistently will have a lighter white/gray background with darker gray veining throughout the slab.

Soapstone - Brazil/Virginia


Stone Overview 9
Soapstone is quarried in both Brazil (Black Soapstone) and Schuyler, VA (Alberene Soapstone). This material is softer than most but is also non-porous.

Quartzite - Brazil

Taj Mahal

Stone Overview 10
Brazilian quartzites are all stunning and come in a variety of colors. Taj Mahal falls in the more netural side of colors, generally leaning towards tan and cream. The depth of this stone is incredible and can be seen with either a Polished or Honed/Leathered finish while having durability in any finish.

Slate - Italy

Ardesia Black Slate

Stone Overview 11
Black Italian Slate provides the perfect matte black façade for fireplaces. Its characteristics include waterproof and very resistant to fire.

Granite - India

Absolute Black

Stone Overview 12
Absolute Black Granite is a classic stone that never goes out of style. It is quarried in a few locations but we prefer to purchase Indian Absolute Black due to the tighter grain. This stone looks great in any finish- polished, honed, leathered, or even flamed.

Marble - Vermont


Stone Overview 13
Vermont Marble Danby comes in a variety of different options, the most popular in our warehouse are Imperial Danby and Olympian Danby. Imperial Danby generally has a white background with soft gold & gray veining. The Olympian Danby generally has more defined, gray veining.

Marble - Italy

Bardiglio Nuvolato

Stone Overview 14
Bardigilio Nuvolato is a deep gray marble with wisping white and gray veins. This marble can turn any room into a masterpiece with its dark and bold movements.